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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Poll

Hello everyone, I have the results from STBB's last poll available. The question was "What is your favorite style of beer" and the list was far from inclusive. Here are the results from most votes to least votes:

Stout 7 votes (63%)
IPA (UK or USA) 6 votes (54%)
Wheat/Wit 4 votes (36%)
Pale Ale (UK or USA) 3 votes (27%)
Porter 3 votes (27%)
Belgian (all styles) 3 votes (27%)
Bock 2 votes (18%)
Pilsner 2 votes (18%)
Barleywine 2 votes (18%)
Lambic 1 votes (9%)
Scotch Ale 0 votes (0%) - my mother-in-law obviously didn't vote
American Light Lager 0 votes (0%) - surprise?

There were 11 votes and each person selected an average of 3 items on the list. Imagine if I had all 28 BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) Styles listed plus the subcategories! Maybe I'll do that next time!

So now there is a new poll up. Please vote on it, I'd like to mold this blog to the wants of my readers. I appreciate the feedback and you'll get to see more of what you want to see. If you have specific suggestions too detailed to leave to the poll please leave them in the comments below this post.

Thank you for reading. The Facebook page now has 33 fans and the Blogspot page has 8 followers. You guys motivate me to keep doing this. My sincere thanks!

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