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Monday, September 27, 2010


Hello STBB followers! Today I wanted to share with you an application for iPhone and Android that I found recently. It's called Beerby (pronounced like "nearby") and it's a fun little way to track different beers you try.

I downloaded it for iPhone so my experience is based on that platform. It was free for the full version on the iTunes App store so there's no reason not to download it. It allows you to track beers that you try on a daily basis, add beers (for example, I added one of my homebrews to the list), and track according to Foursquare venues.

I enjoy the "achievements" you can earn. For example - High Tech Redneck for drinking 100 Budweisers, Elitist for drinking 15 different Belgian beers, Billy Dee Williams for drinking a Colt 45 Malt Liquor, Dogfisherman for drinking 12 different Dogfish Head beers, and a lot more!

It's not perfect, one of the features I would like would be the ability to change the date. Right now it looks like I drank 7 beers in one day when really I just tracked the beers for the weekend on that day. There are also a couple typos and tracking errors (for example, it doesn't track Dogfish Head Punkin Ale as a pumpkin beer toward an achievement). Nothing terrible, but certainly some room for updates in the future!

Hope you enjoy your new free app!

Beerby webpage

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