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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sam Adams Harvest Collection

Seen above is the newly released Samuel Adams Harvest Collection chilling with a couple Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPAs. Today's post is about the Sam Adams, not the 120 Minute IPA. Sorry 120, you'll have to wait!

I couldn't believe that this pack was available at my local HEB for $11.71. Needless to say I grabbed one right away. That's less than a buck per beer!

This pack has 2 each of great Sam Adams brews: Boston Lager, Black Lager, Irish Red, Dunkelweizen, Octoberfest, and Harvest Pumpkin Ale. My stand out favorite was the Harvest Pumpkin Ale.

I have tried the Boston Lager, Irish Red, and Black Lager in the past. The Dunkelweizen was released last year and is only available in this 12 pack. The Octoberfest is a fall seasonal available as a stand-alone 6 pack.

But I would buy this collection again just for the Harvest Pumpkin Ale! Not only do they brew it using real pumpkin (11 pounds per barrel) but they also spice it with traditional pumpkin pie spices. I enjoyed this subtle spice and it would be perfect with a slice of apple or pumpkin pie.

As a matter of fact, if my lovely wife is reading this I hope she buys me another one of these from the store!

So anyway, try to find this pack. Great beers and a great price from America's largest craft brewery. I hope you all enjoy! Below you'll find a few photos of some of these beers in the glass. Prosit!

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  1. Flattery will get you nowhere... Except it might get you another 12 pack like you're asking for... And maybe some pie to go with it. Keep it up!